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Panel Aplications

We have been established for over fifteen years and our doctors are experienced and well-trained, with more than ten years working experience in the government and private sector. All our doctors are graduates from universities recognized by the Government of Malaysia such as Monash University (Australia), University Malaya, University Kebangsaan Malaysia,  University Sains Malaysia,University of Karachi.

Our services vary over a wide spectrum of medical services for children and adult, from common illness such as flu, cough and cold to the more complicated cases such as diabetic, hypertension, arthritis, contagious diseases, emergency cases and etc. Kindly refer to Type of Treatment for list of medical treatments available. We also perform minor surgery on removal of growth, foreign bodies and abscess, circumcision (child and adult) and others. Other services include   pre-employment medical check-up with X-ray, blood & urine lab test, drug in house tests, Audiometry (Hearing) Test and X-rays.

Our charges are reasonable and commensurate with type of treatment rendered. 

All our clinics are well-equipped with medical equipment such as Ultrasound machine, Reflotron (for blood analysis of common pathology and diseases within the clinic setting eg blood concentration of Uric Acid indicating Gout or Blood Cholesterol level), ECG machine (to monitor and detect heart rhythm and abnormalities), X-ray machine, Sonotron (Drugless Therapy for pain), Audiometry (Hearing test) Dextrometer (to detect immediately of immediately of blood glucose level), Ultraviolet Light (for newborn babies) and Nebulizer (for immediate asthma relief).

All medication in our Pharmacy is approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia and registered by DIMS.

Our policy regarding MC has always been consistent with the employers’ objective in optimally managing human resources. Strict controls are therefore enforced over the issuance of medical leave certificates.

Referrals to specialist are monitored by doctors and are made only on necessary cases. We normally refer patients to GHKL ,University Hospital or HUKM  unless facility required are not available there.

Billings for medical treatment rendered is done centralized in our Accounts Department (in Desa Pandan) and is generated on monthly basis.

We offer a credit term of 30 days. All invoices must be settled within 30 days of invoice date, after which an interest of 1% per month will be levied on overdue accounts exceeding 30 days.

Documentation we are able to supply, with all the relevant documents such as Medical Chits, Medical Certificates (MC), Medical Reports, Invoices etc..., for use during patients visits







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